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"This original ten pound export (Gerry) from the UK put down roots on the east coast, entrenched as an accountant running the finance side of an ad agency & eventually fled the corporate life in Sydney for the Sunshine Coast. Earlier business life included working with Ad man John Singleton, American Express, TNT, & Woolworths. Also motorsport held me enthralled for many years as a rally driver and involvement in the running of the sport. I can still count, but hung up the helmet to focus on the blues and roots scene. My love of blues music brought me to community radio station FM101.3 and the desire to contribute to the community. They don’t call me ‘motormouth’ for no reason! I have been known to dress for the occasion (and heels)- my wife takes bookings(not). Hope to see you around the coast, Brisbane and festivals further afield, supporting live music." 
   “Chillblain” aka Gerry Blain

Gerry continues to provide accounting and BAS Agent services for select clients.

"Hailing from admin city (travel agency background) after North Queensland hippydom, I (Carmen) collided with Gerry in Sydney to abscond to warmer pastures. After a brief flirtation with blueberry farming, we settled into pursuing our greatest love - live (blues) music! Initially supporting Gerry in his radio and festival MC involvement, we now manage several amazing blues/rock bands.  Our families think we are mad, and it is wonderfully so. Love something enough and it will love you back - musicians with incredible talent and art deserve to be shared with the world."
   “Carm”  - Carmen Blain

Don’t take our word for it - check out the boys and girls in ‘our’ bands!

Supporting live music - it's what we do...